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Battery 3 + TD-12

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  • Battery 3 + TD-12


    Does anyone know how to properly set up the TD-12 with Battery 3? I am new to both. Some sounds trigger right off the bat, many (especially the kick) are very very quiet, and lots are misplaced (i.e. toms on cymbal edge, etc). There is a learn feature in Battery 3 for each sound but I was wondering if there might be a simpler way.

    I also have Cubase 4 and could try running Battery in there if that would make a difference.

    Tips appreciated!!

    Also, I will be receiving Superior 2.0 within a couple of weeks... I understand that it is the way to go for triggering with V-drums. My question is : Will I be able to trigger sounds from the 12gig Battery library through Superior? That would rule (unless I get battery set-up with TD-12)

    Rock on!

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    Hey there, i've been using my glorified SPD-S practice kit (SPD-S, KD8, FD8 and PD105) with Battery 3 since November 07. It's been working great.

    (However I'm just about to upgrade to a TD-12 and superior 2.0 next month - liking ToonTrack for the more acoustic drums)

    As far as setting things up in Battery i just setup a default 'SPDS Kit' file for battery. I have all the cells on screen corrisponding to pads on SPD-S. Then it's simply a case of loading up the desired sample... easy.

    It was weird when i set it up though, all my pads were one octave higher than what was being displayed on Battery. Not sure why.

    The hardest thing was getting the hi-hat settings right.

    I don't know the settings off the top of my head. Let me know if you want me to send you some screen shots with the info/settings. I'm at work now so I can't go into much detail.


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      Don't use the note octaves as I've read numerous places that the octave thing is different for every program or something along those lines.

      Use the Note #'s (10x easier and perfect in every program). You can find them in your module under the MIDI setting's I believe whenever you strike a pad, either that or under the trigger or instrument settings. You can get this for everything including bell, edge, rim's, etc.

      Enter them in manually and you should be golden.
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