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Installing plugins before host?

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  • Installing plugins before host?

    Hi guys, ok total noob question here (sorry)

    I have ordered Superior 2.0 and Cubase 4. It looks like there is a good chance that Superior will be shipped to me before Cubase will. My question is, should I install Superior as soon as I get it, or wait until I have Cubase installed?

    Will the Superior install ask me to identify my VST folder (which currently does not exist)?

    I want both programs to work seamlessly together. I realize that Superior has a standalone mode, but what will I have to do to make it work with Cubase once that is installed?

    I'd really appreciate some feedback

    thanks a lot!

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    Probably best to wait. It will want to put a DLL in your Cubase VST directory and you ain't got one! If you are really impatient, install now, then reinstall.


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      I don't have Superior, but some programs - BFD for instance - let you choose which version to install - Standalone, VST, RTAS, DXI etc. Check at the Toontrack forum and see if that's an option. If not, it's not going to hurt anything to do two installs, but I'd uninstall and delete Toontrack from the registry before the second one.

      Good luck.

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        You could install it if you wanted and even create a VST folder and point superior to it. I am sure Cuabse let's you point to your own VST folder.

        Worst comes to worst you could install superior now and use it and then reinstall it after you get Cuabse,
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