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any small app/host for Addictive drums?

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  • any small app/host for Addictive drums?

    I have been using ezdrummer for a few months now as "stand alone" i.e. using the small ToonTrack SOLO program that you can download from the Toontrack site.

    I do not have, and do not want to buy Cubase or any other expensive sequencer just so i can play my e-drums. I never record or use synths etc so didnt see the need to buy yet another piece of software.

    What options do I have for a host - small, cheap, free, low RAM overhead, fast, you know the drill..... - that will run Addictive Drums well?
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      I've been using VSTHost for about a month now, and love it. I was using Sonar 7, but found VSTHost to be so much more simple. It's free too. Though the gentleman who wrote it does except donations.



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        i found a free download from Steinberg called "cubasis inwired" its only an 8mb download and it does the vsti thang so im gonna try that as well.

        Thanks for those suggestions.


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          Dude, check out Cantabile, it is pretty simple and runs quickly. I used it all the time before Solo was out for Toontracks products, and I was bummed when I got my mac and couldn't find anything as good for free.

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            That cantabile looks well simple, just the ticket!

            so now all i need is
            TD8&TD3 outputs merged ---> chaoticbox ---> loopbe1 ---> cantabile ---> ADrums

            Don't they realise drummers just wanna hit things with sticks!