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td-9/superior 2

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  • td-9/superior 2

    I just got me a roland td-9 kit and module. plus i just ordered superior 2.0 for samples. i was hoping for some kinda tutorial on how to set up the mapping and triggers.

    I've skim-read the Superior 2.0 thread but i've decided to make a new one (don't wanna spam).


    how do i interface the software with the roland module?

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    Do you have some kind of audio interface? You will need one for Superior (or any other drum sampler) to work correctly. Most these days have a midi interface. Once the TD9 is passing data to Toontrack Solo/Superior you may need to map a few MIDI notes to the proper sounds, but otherwise you should be set. There is a "learn" function in Superior which will help you with the mapping.



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      that's it? we have an e-mu external sound card. don't i need a TMC6 or something like that?


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        No need for the TMC6. The TD9 servers the same purpose plus has built in sounds if you didn't want to play sounds via Superior 2.

        I am not familiar with your sound card, but if it has an ASIO driver for it, or asio4all will work with it you should be ok.



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          yeah it does. woohoo.