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MOTU 828 mk3 and EZDrummer

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  • MOTU 828 mk3 and EZDrummer

    Anyone using this combo? I just replaced my Firestudio Project with an MOTU 828 mk3. For some reason I do not get any sound output when I select the ASIO driver form inside EZdrummer, I can select the MS sound driver or "Main Outs", but of course get a large amount of latency. I can select the driver in BFD2 and get sound.

    I am running the latest firmware on the MOTU, along with XP Pro SP3.



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    ok, after some experimentation it would seem that Toontrack Solo is not playing nicely with the MOTU ASIO driver. It doesn't seem to be sending it to the proper channels, just the headphone outs.

    My other apps that use the ASIO driver seem to see all the channel names correctly, Solo just sees several sets and numbers them in pairs from 1-14. I'll keep messing around.



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      The FP10 has more stable drivers and less problems IMO. The fact that its $100 less is good enough for me to buy haha

      Ive yet to try a MOTU however I was looking to get one for a while.
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        I had a Firestudio Project. I am actually selling it on Ebay now. It was great, but I like this because it can be used as a standalone mixer as well. I can't hear a real difference through the preamps when I have my bass hooked up.

        I think the drivers are stable, I think this is a configuration issue. I'm still working on figuring out what exactly it is though