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  • Need Enlightenment :)

    Hi everyone. I'm pretty new at the whole vst functionality with an e-kit. I know these are plugins which one can sample. However, what I would like to know is, can I use some kind of drum vst program to get more sounds for my kit, not just loops? I have a dtxtreme iis. Through vst programs, maybe reason refills, can I assign different sounds or make new kits to channel into my e-kit and play through there, as opposed to a keyboard? If so, how can I do this? Can someone help.

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    No expert I, but you can make your module trigger samples on your computer via a MIDI connection using your VST and the apropriate samples. The trick is mapping it all out. The iis has sampling, correct? If so, I suppose you could copy samples from your computer to the module, but I don't know about the storage capacity and polyphony issues.