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Best Hi Hats for Superior 2.0

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  • Best Hi Hats for Superior 2.0

    I was wondering if i should get Vh-11 or Vh12's for my
    TD-20? Right now I have a pieced together set.
    I have the hi hat set up that I had for my Td-3 set!
    I have never been able to get the Hi hats right.
    Any advice? Even with Superior 2.0.
    I need help to get it working in the mean time.
    I'm thinkin' of getting the Vh-12 though down the road.
    For now I have the fd-8 and the cymbal 6 inch I think?
    Can't remember the model right now. I wish they had actual
    Template's though! The other is the choke,how do you do that.
    There is no explanation of any of this in the manual.

    Thanks for any thought's!

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    Check out the Edrum section of the Toontrack forum, you'll find some guidelines for setting HiHats, Choke and Snare Position Sensing (these seem to be the 3 main things).

    What foot pedal controller are you using right now with your TD-20? Besides the VH-11 and VH-12, which both work very well with the combination of a TD-20 and Superior 2.0, there is also the Hart ePedal II stand and their cymbal, which Nir Z used at NAMM and it worked great.

    There is also an update to 2.0.1 available, and an updated manual for download.

    MIDI templates for popular drum modules are in the works, and peers can also share their templates. The MIDI section of the Preset menu makes it easy.

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      Thanks Joe K for your input.
      I'm new to the E-drums within the Last 6 month's.
      I''m using the FD-8 BTW.

      I have an acoustic set that I was micing up.
      With a child now and limited time,not to mention the neighbors
      I thought this to be the best solution. I wish it could come in a format
      that was like my Td-20 kit though! It'll happen in the future I bet!
      Hopefully I won't be 100 years old by then! I think it can be but,
      they have to make the buck! Little by little...

      I wish some one could taylor the best settings for my set up.
      Maybe a great possible buisiness for someone?

      I was just hoping I wouldn't have to try to program all the stuff.
      I play all the instruments in my studio. So, time is a big deal for me.

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