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Best Sampler for TD-20?

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  • Best Sampler for TD-20?

    What is the verdict? In Particular for Hi Hat and Snare nuance? I have Superior 2.0 and havn't been able to get the hi hat right yet. They didn't include ANY midi templates for E-drums and havn't finished the "big" manual explaing all the e-drum stuff. Sounds are great except for the hi hats

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    Did you check Toontrack's website for help? I just came from there and got a walk through to set up my hihat properly.

    Best sampler is hard to say .. .. I have both BFD2 and Superior 2 .. each one of them have their weak/strong points.

    Roland TD50, Roland PM30 and KC 550 Studio Capture /Dell XPS I7 32GB RAM Reaper,Superior Drummer,BFD3 (all exp. packs),SSD5 Ezdrummer 2, XLN Addictive Drums