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How to use EZ DRUMMER?

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  • How to use EZ DRUMMER?

    Hey guys, I am a total noob at midi and all of this. I was wondering if there is a tutorial somewhere where it teaches me how to use it? I have just bought Sonar 7 Producer Edition along with EZ Drummer and also a midi cable that is usb. Thanks alot!

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    Just plug it in and fire it up. Seriously, I went through the process of educating myself through this forum, the Toontrack forum and the Reaper forum. I'm sorry to say that I can't for the life of me retrace my footsteps beyond the following:

    Firstly, download Toontrack Solo (I think it is still free) and familiarize yourself with EZD. Secondly, get it setup to where you are triggering EZD in Solo with your Vdrums. Thirdly, learn how to fire up the EZD VST within Sonar. And finally, locate a mulit-out mapping capability (likely someone has maps here or on the Sonar forum) so you can setup individual tracks for each of the drum channels within Sonar. Think of a recording desk with individual controls for, as examples, your snare or your hi hat or overhead or even room.

    The process of learning how to get to the point where this is useable for you is worthwhile in and of itself. You might want to do a search for Sonar in the VST thread of the forum and see if something more enlightening than what I have shared surfaces.
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      Good advice! Same thing here.. although I am a Tracktion 3 user. Went through the process of reading and learning as well .. than posting specific questions about my problems.

      Browse through this part of the forum and Toontrack's... go for the set up .. post about specific problems .. you will get a lot of help for sure.

      Toontrack's website will certainly provide you with drum maps for your host and also multi-out template. Go to the user area.. check it out.

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