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External sampler for td-12

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  • External sampler for td-12

    I've read somewhere that you can plug a sampler in your roland module and that device lets you connect a usb key in that sampler so you can transfer samples. Real or fake?

    sorry if my question is a bit wierd, I'm new to this whole sampling thing and the vocabulary I'm using is probably not the right...


    - Gost
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    It sounds like you might be confusing some of the features of the TD-9. The TD-9 allows you to use a USB memory stick to play along to .wav files. I believe you can also quick record to the USB memory?

    Right now, the only Roland drum with sampling is the SPD-S.


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      I'm pretty sure that's the thing I'm looking for

      page 75
      external sequencer

      You've said the only roland product that could trigger samples is the spd-s. any other company makes a < Insert external device name > that you can connect through midi and use the < Insert external device name > to send information to your td-12 module to make custom kits with custom sounds?

      edit: I've just thought about this. the VeX kits you can get, is there any way to put my own sounds like they do, and "download" the whole kit to the module?
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        First of all, the information on page 75 is SYSEX information. That is just a list of patch and trigger settings.

        VEx kits do not add sounds. They are merely programming the sounds that are already there. You could do exactly what the VEx boys do by sitting at your module and tweaking the settings. They just happen to be really good at it and we pay them to do it for us.

        There is NO WAY to send custom sounds to the TD-12.


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          You can trigger an external sampler by sending a MIDI signal from the module via the MIDI OUT jack. You can trigger certain MIDI voices in the module via the MIDI IN jack. No Roland product (other than the aforementioned SPD-S) allows you to import samples and trigger them by striking a pad with a stick. Now, I have a Roland SP404 which can be used to record samples and play imported samples either by pressing one of a bank of twelve large buttons or by triggering via MIDI from the module when you strike a pad on your kit that you have assigned to the proper MIDI note, but I would not recommend it as a device to house a kit's worth of samples, since it only has six note polyphony.

          A lot of people like to dedicate a computer to housing and playing back samples, but there's a fairly steep learning curve and a considerable investment of money and time involved.


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            Hey gostviper - 2 questions to help you decide:

            1/ Do you want to play at gigs or do you want to just play it at home?
            2/ How computer literate are you?

            Your 2 real options for sampling are:
            a/ the SPD-S which you can trigger with sticks and use as a sampler and padset to augment your existing module
            b/ a PC with a software sampler such as Structure

            The SPD-S is better for performance and integration with your kit, but a PC with s/w will allow you to greater polyphony and integration with recording s/w such as ProTools.

            You can use a laptop if you want more portability or a desktop PC if you want to use it at a fixed location - then you can add s/w such as BFD to expand your module capabilities and soundsets as well as the sampler s/w (e.g. Structure) + studio control s/w (e.g. ProTools) to run your computer as sampler, module and multitrack all in one.

            All these things add overhead to the computer and thus more $s for higher spec. equipment is needed.......

            You can combine all of the above options if your pocket is deep enough and I guess you now have contracted GAS. :-)


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              Originally posted by Hercules View Post
              All these things add overhead to the computer and thus more $s for higher spec. equipment is needed...
              EZ Drummer - $150
              Computer specs 1,5Gb free hard disc space, DVD drive NOTE! Plug-in host required for operation*. Windows XP or Vista, PIII / Athlon 1,8 GHz with 512 Mb RAM *Toontracks' host EZ player is free.
              M-Audio Fast Track Pro (soundcard, interface) - $199
              MIDI Cable - $20

              The learning curve is not as steep as some think. You could be up and running in 15 minutes.


              No more V-drums; all acoustics now.