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Battery 3 not firing 2 notes at once.

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  • Battery 3 not firing 2 notes at once.

    I have a problem with battery 3. If I hit 2 pads at once it will only play one of the notes. If I hit 2 pads that are even off a bit, both will sound. For instance if I just play the snare and kick, both on each beat of a 4/4 time, I'll hear only the kick for most beats, and the snare will only sound now and again (I presume this is when I don't strike the pads at exactly the same time). This happens when hitting any 2 triggers.

    Using midiox, I can see that the notes are all coming through from my kit, but its as if battery only sees one note if the both arrive at the same time. Since midiox sees the notes, it can't be the kit or interface. When the problem happens you can see that the cells that are not sounding in battery don't light up. I've installed the latest patch for battery.

    I emailed support at Native Instruments and they responded by asking some questions that indicate that this isn't a familiar problem.

    Has anyone had this problem? Is there some setting in Battery that could cause this problem? Perhaps a crosstalk setting that filters the weaker of 2 coincident signals?

    My setup: Hart Dynamics kit -> Alesis trigger IO -> Battery 3.0.4 on an Acer Ferrari laptop -> M-audio FW410 sound card.