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BFD2 and Roland TD-3 help please

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  • BFD2 and Roland TD-3 help please

    Hi, I just recently got BFD2 setup (base app, no expansions) and used the wizard to configure it for use with my e-drums and selected TD-3. However when i click on each of the drums in the UI they all create sound, whereas only TOM 1 and TOM 3 on my TD-3 kit make any sound. I can't seem to find an obvious setting that would be preventing the TD-3 toms from mapping correctly. Was hoping someone could please point me in the general direction.

    While EZDrummer worked well out of the box, BFD2 sounds far more like an acoustic set. Thanks for your help.

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    Click on the "Load" icon toward the upper right of the interface.

    Select "Load Key Map..." from the drop down.

    Click on the Roland TD-3 picture to select it, and then click "Load".

    During setup, you are asked about edrumming, but (for now) you need to manually load the keymap.