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SB Xfi - latency question

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  • SB Xfi - latency question

    I have a question to users who use SoudBlaster XFi with VSTs.

    I'm assembing secondary, simple PC with this card just for playing with TD6 and Addictive Drums.
    PC is rather powerfull enough (AMD 5200 dual core, 2g ram, XPsp2) to run AD. However, despite the setting of the latency using SB XFi driver to 2ms, I get c.a. 15ms of latency (measured with http://centrance.com/products/ltu/ )
    Similar results I get for Asio4all.

    Is it a swindle with this 1 - 2ms from Creative or the problem is elsewhere ?
    I realize that SoundDisaster is not a card dedicated for such applications but I would like to try (before I spend money for e.g Maya 44).
    Could you please post your results of latency for XFi?

    I would be grateful for any information or suggestion.

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    When set to 1ms on my X-Fi, the test comes back with 12.04ms on my machine here at work.

    I'm going to try this on my XtremeGamer at home, though. I have the sneaking suspicion that the X-Fi in my work system is an Xtreme Audio - the entry level X-Fi that uses a rebranded Audigy SE instead of a true EMU20K1 chip. Read more about that here.


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      FYI - There is an older thread where some of use posted our LTU results using various hardware. You guys might like to read and add to that thread (it could probably use a bump):


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