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addictive drums Problem!! PLZ help!!

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  • addictive drums Problem!! PLZ help!!

    hi guys, my copy of addictive drums arrived today and i want to use it with cubase le4 and my new set of vdrums (td9).
    big problem; when i trigger the high tom for example i get a hi-hat. i seem to have no tom sounds anywhere on the kit. i have bass on bass, snare on snare, crash on the hats, various hats and rides on the toms (including the edges) but this is not going to work obviously!

    plz help!!!



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    Check the MIDI drum map.I had the same problem with TD6. Hope the solution for TD9 is similar.

    Take a look at this:


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      i must be stupid.. i cant work this out at all. i have no idea how to interpret the midi settings or change things on the module..
      do i need to have both midi in and out connected?!
      im so lost hey..
      ezdrummer works wonderfully, but addictive drums just doesnt..

      where do i put the .drm files within cubases directories?! i cant even work that out.. its a shame becaause the sounds i can hear from AD are fantastic..


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        figured it all out. thanks for the help