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Acer 1694 WLMI and EZDRUMMER

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  • Acer 1694 WLMI and EZDRUMMER

    Hi guys,
    I would use EZDRUMMER with my laptop ACER 1694 WLMI:
    Centrino 2.0 Ghz (M760) - 1 Gb Ram DDR2.
    I would buy an M-Audio Uno interface to connect the laptop with my TD3KW and use it live with EZDRUMMER.
    Do You think I'll have some latency or other problems with this configuration?
    Should I use another audio interface instead of M-Audio Uno?
    Thank You very much!

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    I was thinking to buy an all in one audio and midi module... I found that M-Audio Fast Track Pro have these two requirements at a reasonable price. Do You think that with my actual configuration (Centrino M760 2Ghz and 1Gb Ram) I'll be able to play my td3 live using EZDRUMMER and its expansion sounds without latency?
    Thank You very much!


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      Yes, that should be ok, as long as the M-Audio drivers say they are low latency. Another gig of RAM would probably be handy too, but not a necessity.


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        Thank You very much.


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          No problem! Let us know how you get on!