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Confused - Please Clarify

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  • Confused - Please Clarify

    After watching the video for Superior 2, I am hooked. The sounds in my TD20just sound so weak compared to that video. I am going to build a dedicated PC with multi-core CPU, 4GB Ram, and a M-Audio Audiophile 2496 audio card. I know I need the Superior 2 software but is there anything else I need software wise? I see post about cubase, sonar, and other applications but I dont know what they do. What else do I need and what do these other applications do?

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    Not too sure myself. I've just scanned posts. Keep seeing discussion of VST plugins. Seems like you need a sequencer to do any recordings? I think audacity is a free one.

    I just wanted to post on your GAS! You just got your edrums last month, then a TD-20, and now Superior 2 with a serious PC. Awesome! You make me feel good about my GAS, Thanks.


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      Superior 2 is a plugin, so you would use it something like Sonar, Cubase, Protools, etc. However, Toontrack also supplies a plugin container called SOLO, which allows you to run Superior, EZdrummer, EZplayer in "stand alone" mode.

      What those other applications do (like Sonar) is provide a multi-track audio/MIDI recording environment.

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        Chris, it looks like we are mirroring our paths. I just recently added my TD20 to my kit along with the VEX Drummers Dream which I absolutely love. VEX ROCKS!
        I have also seen the Superior 2.0 video and am totally GASSING over that. I am about to build a new computer for my Protools rig anyway so it just seems logical to add Superior 2.0 to it. From an engineers perspective, S 2.0 is just too damn tempting to not have, particularly considering the price.
        I also have a TDW-20 ordered and am really looking forward to seeing what Alan and the rest of the VEX crew come up with for expanded TD20's.
        IMHO, S 2.0 and VEX will live in harmony in my environment with each having different applications.


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          Another one who pre-ordered here and can hardly wait for its arrival ... hope it works fine with Tracktion 2/3 since my BFD2/Tracktion combo came back playing tricks with me ...

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            Originally posted by Joe_K View Post
            However, Toontrack also supplies a plugin container called SOLO, which allows you to run Superior, EZdrummer, EZplayer in "stand alone" mode.
            Perfect! That is what I need. I just play the drums... no band, no mixing, just drums. And the best part..... IT IS FREE


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              What if you have DFHS 1.0 and buy the upgrade to 2.0? Does that mean you get to have both sound libraries or will 2.0 wipe out the 1.0 sounds?


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                You will have both as they install to separate locations, unless you decide otherwise.


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                  Cool, thanks!


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                    I just registered on the Toontrack forum to post a question about computer resources with a large kit in S 2.0. That will ultimately be a major deciding factor for me. At least with module sounds I don't have to worry about my PC running out of grunt as I add more to my kit
                    HERE'S the question I just posted.


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                      SP - the min/max specs for S2 are in the middle of the page here: http://www.toontrack.com/s20.asp

                      The large majority of users on that forum will be speaking in terms of VST format. Since you'll be using the RTAS format in PT, watch for relevance - apples and oranges.

                      A good forum for PT users - www.gearslutz.com


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