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Using Addictive Drums on stage?

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  • Using Addictive Drums on stage?

    I'm new to e-drumming and drum software. I was thinking of using Addictive Drums with my TD-9 at a gig this weekend. I was just wondering if anybody has used Addictive Drums or any drum software at a live gig? If so...how does it sound?
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    I'm surprised no one has responded to this. I also plan on using Addictive Drums live once my A-to-E conversion is complete. I'll be bringing a ShuttlePC and small LCD to gigs, running all drums/cymbals into an Alesis Trigger IO, and then into the PC. I have a M-Audio 2496 PCI sound card in that ShuttlePC that I'll do a stereo output to the PA.

    I'm hoping that between a pretty beefy PC, that M-Audio card, and adjusting the buffers accordingly...it will be a usable, very low latency setup.

    Gear: TD-12 module, CY-14C crash, Yamaha PCY-135 crash, CY-12R/C crash, CY-15R/C ride, CY-12C & FD-7 hi-hat setup, MDS-12 rack, PD-125 snare, PD-85 rack toms, PD-105 floor tom, Presonus FP10, MacBook Pro 13", Superior Drummer 2.3, Logic 9 Studio, JH Audio JH-5 Pro IEM, Sennheiser HD-280 Pro cans, Gretsch Renown maple acoustic kit (Zildjian cymbals, Remo heads, Gibraltar/DW hardware)


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      That sounds like a pretty nice setup. I'm running a stock sound card at the moment. Is that m-audio card any good? I gotta pick up a half-way decent sound card. The one in my laptop just isn't cuttin' it. How did you map your drums to AD? I haven't been able to get it right. You should try to record some audio from the gig. I'd be very interested in how it sounds. Good luck man
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        Provided your TD-9 is similar to the TD-8, then you have to go into each instrument (F1 on the TD8 from the kit screen), go to the edit screen (?) and then to the MIDI screen. Select the note number that corresponds with the instrument you wish to trigger (press the '?' on the AD menu and select the map which will tell you the note numbers for each kit piece). Use note #54 for all hi-hat functions. I might not have been describing that correctly but maybe it will give you an idea...

        I had too many problems with latency and a weak signal (using a Macbook, M-Audio UNO midisport and an M-Audio firewire solo interface.) I'm going to switch to an Edirol FA-66 to see if that helps. Good luck to you, and let us know how you fare.



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          Here's a quick little video of Addictive Drums mapped to trigger from an electronic kit. I even implemented cymbal chokes and the tom rimshot on the high tom just to show it can be done. I only opened up one instance of AD so the china and splash aren't AD sounds, but everything else is. I could have opened another instance and triggered the china and splash and cowbell all using AD sounds just as easily. I just clicked on one my presets.

          No reason you couldn't play it live. I do all the time.


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            Wow, sounds great Chris!


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              The only critical issue is the overall stability of the equipment, namely the PC running the VSTi. But as long as it's reliable hardware wise and you don't have asswads of non-related apps running I see no reason why it shouldn't be error free.

              You have a TD-9 so that's your backup if the PC should happen to fail. For those running a Trigger IO if the PC fails (you knock it over, spill a drink on it, guitarist smashes his guitar on it in a crazed fit of encore mania haha) you're totally sunk as the IO cannot produce it's own sounds.

              If my job depended on it I'd personally try for a rack mount PC or something that can be permenantly mounted in a nice protective case.


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                Originally posted by Gastric View Post
                ...I'd personally try for a rack mount PC or something that can be permenantly mounted in a nice protective case.
                Absolutely. The last two machines I've had have been rack mounted. The last three I've had have never crashed... not one between the three of them. I've left the current one on for weeks at a time, just cause. No worries. Only a power outage will bring it down and them reboot just takes less than a minute.


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                  Originally posted by Chris Jude View Post
                  Absolutely. The last two machines I've had have been rack mounted. ......
                  That's exactly what I'm doing with the new system I am about to build. I'm going to build it in a 19" rack mount case which will be mounted in a flight case with room for my Protools hardware (A/D/A, pre's, midi i/o etc), keyboard, trackball and LCD monitor. The i/o will all be via 25 pin D sub connectors (apart from midi) so I can quickly and easily connect whatever snake I require for the given task. My studio looms and live recording looms are already all 25 pin D sub so this will be simple.
                  The system will be used in my studio, on location for recording and for use with my V kit / VEX / Superior 2.0 combo.


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                    I can't seem to map my TD-12 properly to match AD. Do I have to map thru the module or thru AD? In other words, do I have to change the note numbers in the module until they match AD or is there a mapping program located inside AD? I've had this software for months and haven't been able to use it
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                      You'll either have to change the note mapping at your module, or you'll need to do the remapping in another application (AD doesn't currently support remapping itself). I use the eDrum MIDI mapper (from Chaotic Box) software for this mostly.


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                        +1 for the edrum MIDI mapper. It's really indispensible for using AD. Sometimes drum maps in DAWs don't have special mapping for the hi-hats, which this does. Bear in mind that you'll have to use a MIDI loopback application for this to work, but it's really very easy. The guy from chaotic box is a very hands-on dev, and will help if you have any problems. Free to try, $10 to buy.

                        eDrum MIDI Mapper Provides trigger calibration and advanced MIDI re-mapping tools for edrummers looking to get the best performance out of sampled percussion instruments. Free KSP Percussive Performance scripts for Native Intstrument's Kontakt software sampler.


                        No more V-drums; all acoustics now.


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                          Hey all!

                          I play with AD onstage on a rackmount quadcore computer with RME multiface. We run our whole band's monitor rig through cubase and then out via 12 outs to a small console. It sounds good to me:

                          myspace dot com \utzandtheshuttlecocks

                          All of the songs (other than the bottom one) feature AD. I used to use a td-20 and built a hybrid kit. Still use real cymbals.

                          We've played many shows and the only problems we've had has been due to operator error. Doh!

                          Edit: I use a rackmount touchscreen monitor that slides out of a 12 space rolling rack case with computer, pres, in ear gear, etc. It is pretty sweet!



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                            Second that with Chris and Relayer on the eDrums MIDI mapper. Great piece of software.

                            FWIW. I play with EZDrummer through a ThinkPad and Edirol external soundcard live.
                            I use a TD8 for a Trigger to MIDI live. (For those just in case moments.)
                            While at the house , the Trigger IO while in the comfort of my own home.


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                              I recently started using eDrum MIDI Mapper as well to get all of the hihat sounds out of AD. Previously I could get one open, one close, and foot chick. Now I can trigger every HH sample AD offers including foot splash thanks to the slickness of MIDI Mapper. Good stuff!

                              Note there's a pre-release available that adds some significant functionality. Namely the ability to pass-thru all MIDI data EXCEPT whatever pieces you setup in the GUI. At least that's what the write up says. I found it AFTER spending 30 minutes setting up my entire kit in the current production release.