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MIDI and Addictive Drums--Comprehensive Guide?

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  • MIDI and Addictive Drums--Comprehensive Guide?

    Ok, I'm new at this whole MIDI thing, and I've tried to read and understand the TD-8 manual, etc., tried to search for help on here but I've not seen anything. All of the videos online always show people playing with their e-kits and the software, but NO ONE every shows the 1-2-3's on how it's all set up. Is there a tutorial somewhere that outlines each step so that a newbie can understand??? I really want to start using my laptop and Addictive Drums to trigger my DIY/Roland TD-8 kit in a live situation but don't know where to start. I have the software, I just need to know how to use it.

    Any help is appreciated...thanks!!

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    From memory a quickie for you:

    * Connect Roland to a MIDI in/out device (you'll need one of those) which is attached to your computer
    * Install AD
    * Install some host app, like Reaper
    * Configure Reaper or your host to use your sound device (ideally not your built-in laptop sound card)
    * Arm new track in Reaper and click the speaker icon for the track so you can hear it
    * Set track to your MIDI input, easiest to set it to "all" MIDI channels if all you have if your Roland
    * Click the FX button for the track
    * Select AD
    * Start playing

    Hopefully AD maps to the Roland module better than my Alesis D4. If not you'll need to add Reaper's IX/MIDI Keymap, move it above AD so it's applied first in the chain, and then manually tweak the config file which I believe is located in \program files\reaper\data\ix_keymaps. You just open it in Notepad, second value is what the Roland sends, first value is the value AD uses in it's own keymap. You simply need to edit the first value to match the sample in AD you want to trigger. AD's keymap is supplied via a PDF so it's pretty straight forward.


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      I'm new to this so there may be a better/easier way than perpetually having Reaper set to "record" a track to facilitate playback.


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        Thanks for the info, Gastric. I guess I asked the question before just "plugging and playing" and found out that it was almost that simple. I found an answer from a website on how to map the pads to the program, so I was able to test it rather successfully and was surprised that there really wasn't much latency, even with the M-Audio Midisport Uno. I don't know if upgrading to the next higher up MIDI interface will help any or not, but the next thing I have to figure out/get answers for it how to amplify the sounds created in Addictive Drummer from my laptop. Do I run a cable from the audio out on the laptop to some sort of preamp/amp or what's the best way to do this?

        Thanks again...


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          I'd think your laptop has a headphone jack for the built-in audio card. Just plug in headphones and away you go. I seriously doubt your laptop has any sort of raw line-out jack on it which is what you'd normally run into some other outboard gear.

          There will always be some amount of latency. But with good sound card drivers and proper setup you should be able to minimize the latency. The latency is usually happening in the computer itself while it transposes the MIDI, processes the samples, pumps it back out the sound card.

          That's where my ability to help ends as I have a PC with an older Aardvark Q10 PCI and rack interface which handles all of my in/outs including MIDI. I'd refer you to GearSluts.com for hardware recommendations for audio/MIDI in/out on your laptop. There's tons of fairly inexpensive USB options out there, but I know nothing about them. Generally some firewire solution would give you the overall best performance, and of course cost you the most.


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            One final question! I own an m-audio Firewire recording interface--can this be used to run output to the PA? Can I hook up the firewire cable, then run 1/4" cables out from the interface to the PA and get good results? I am going to make an attempt at this tonight at practice, but I thought I would ask beforehand to save me the trouble of lugging out the equipment!

            Thanks for all your help, Gastric!


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              Is it similar if you want to record MIDI from the TD12 to Reaper? I am guessing at some point you need to have your audio connected to the TD12 and the PC, as well as MIDI control and then you just tell the program to record the adio from the module after or if you tweak the drum track in MIDI.