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EzDrummer - The Ultimate Metronome?

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  • EzDrummer - The Ultimate Metronome?

    I just discovered a cool way to use EzDrummer that I thought some of you may find usefull. As you know, EzDrummer has an extensive library of grooves and fills built in.

    One great way I've found to use EzDrummer as a kind of metronome for learning the built in grooves. Just set one of the grooves or fills playing, then play over the top and try to match each of the beats exactly. There are tonnes of built in patterns to play around with, and a handy 1/2 time, full time, double time button at the bottom of the app that you can use to speed things up with one easy click.

    I find this alot more fun and interesting to use than a metronome since you can actually hear the pattern you're try to learn and try to match it precisely.

    Have fun!
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    yeah i've though about getting it sometime for this feature, some top drumers have laid down those fills and they can be slowed down as they are midi ... also i think there will always be more available, it's a great way to learn ... good stuff!

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      I play live to a click in my 2 man band(I'm drums, and he's guitar and vox. Bass, synths and loops come from a 16 track recorder). What's weird is i can only play to 1/8th note click not 1/4 note for some reason. Practicing to a click really helps keep the reigns on me as I tend to rush.....