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Could you post a pre-mixed Cubase template using BFD 1.5 for playing?

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  • Could you post a pre-mixed Cubase template using BFD 1.5 for playing?

    Hi guys,

    I'm using Cubase 4 and BFD 1.5 with a Roland TD-12 and after lots of tweaking sounds great. Now I need to mix BFD All with some EQ and Compression for kick, snare, overheads, hat, etc but I'm having a heck of a time using the plug-ins in Cubase to do this.

    If you could post or let me know where I can find a Cubase template with pre mixed settings for BFD I would really appreciate it. That would give me a starting point.

    BTW I read the BFD Mixing Tutorial but since I'm limited to Cubase plug-ins I'm still having a hard time. Thanks.

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    That is almost impossible to answer. Depending on what sound you are after, there could be any number of answers. My suggestion would be that in picking your drums you adjust the room and instrument mics to get closest to the raw sound you want for everything. Then do effects like reverb on a send. You can apply a bit more on this or that but the effect will be consistent over all. Apply your compression and whatever else and EQ.

    The stock effects that come with Cubase 4 are decent, but if you really get into sound shaping and have a decent understanding of what effects can do, then you may want to consider something like Waves. There are some really incredible plugins out there. There are also some decent free ones. If you want to do some tire kicking, check out KVR. http://www.kvraudio.com/