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possibly a deeply confusing question here,, plz help

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  • possibly a deeply confusing question here,, plz help

    i wanted to know the possibilities of using a trigger, connecting that to my computer and using my computer as a library of sounds that would act as a drum module. i dont know really anything about triggering or midi or whatever but i just wanted to see the possibility

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    Typically, you would connect your triggers into a drum module that has a MIDI output. You would make a MIDI connection to your computer, and on your computer drum sample software would be loaded such as EZdrummer, dfh Superior, BFD, etc.

    The computer requirements depend on the exact software you are loading. The one piece of computer gear that is typical to buy under most circumstances is a high quality/fast Audio Interface that supports ASIO drivers. A MIDI connection may also be part of that interface, though certainly MIDI I/O can be obtained through other means (such as USB) and your options can change depending on the hardware drum module/trigger MIDI interface you will be using (ie: Roland/Yamaha Module, Alesis Trigger iO, etc.)

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      I think you nailed it with "possibly deeply confusing". Using a computer (laptop or desktop) as a module is (from what I have read at this forum) an endeavor fraught with peril, and only to be approached by the user who; 1. NEEDS the best and most versatile virtual drum workshop; 2. Is WILLING to spend the time, money, and effort necessary to put all the parts together to do it, 3. HAS THE MONEY to do it, and 4. HAS THE TECHNICAL SAVVY to pull it all together.

      It is not the cheapest solution, and certainly not the simplest.

      If you want cheap and simple, start with one of the older Yamaha DTX modules. I got a pretty nice Yammie module years ago on eBay for $200. You would easily spend that on a simple MIDI I/O, then you would still need the software, sound card, and weeks to months of figuring things out with possible hardware and software problems and conflicts and the loss of much hair. If you can swing it, a Roland module will be easier to understand.

      Any decent module can later be used as a MIDI I/O, and you can start playing around with a computer-based sample player at time goes along. However, I fear that trying to do this right out of the chute will result in frustration and despair.

      I have never done it, so I am just going on the many posts I have seen from despairing edrummers...