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Alesis Multimix USB 2.0 & BFD2

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  • Alesis Multimix USB 2.0 & BFD2

    Anyone using this combination. I am using:

    Macbook (3G RAM, 250G 5400 rpm HD)
    2x2 MIDI sport

    I was using EZdrummer and for the most part I didn't run into many issue with latency. I just picked up BFD2 and I am running into issues with the stand alone app as well as the VSTi in Cubase 4 Studio. Basically the sound will just drop out or stutter. I have the most recent Alesis driver.

    I haven't started messing with the BFD2 settings yet except to lower the number of buffers to 256, any lower and I get an echo.