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Question from a V-Drum noob [TD-7/EZDrummer latency]

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  • Question from a V-Drum noob [TD-7/EZDrummer latency]

    Hey gang -

    New to the forum, new to v-drumming in general, and I'm running into trouble.

    I'm trying to help my father by updating his drum sounds... he's currently using the native sounds of his TD-7 Turbo kit. I've installed EZDrummer on his laptop, and I'm using Solo as the host. Tascam US-122 interface.

    I've used a keyboard to trigger the sounds in EZDrummer, with great results. Near-zero (if not zero) latency. But when I use the TD-7 as the trigger, the latency is unbearable.

    This leads me to believe it's the TD-7, but I don't know what steps to take to correct it. Anyone have any ideas?

    I would really appreciate the input of those with some experience.


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    Quick Question

    What is your setup when you have the TD7?


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      I don't think that it is the module. I have the pre turbo TD-7 triggering EZ Drummer with Toontrack Solo. I am running midi out of the module directly into my laptop using a midisport cable. I am getting zero latency. One thing that you did not mention was if you are using ASIO4ALL audio drivers. I am using them and they are definitely worth downloading.


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        I will say that latency is more noticeable when triggering from drums than on a keyboard (for me), but it shouldn't be as big of a difference as you're saying.

        If you're just unplugging the keyboard(that's got good latency) and plugging in the TD-7 (and getting bad latency) , it doesn't seem like it could be anything else but the TD-7.

        No other factors are changing?


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          still would like to see what his setup is

          All the TD7 would be doing is passing midi on to the sound source. Right?
          Me thinks it is a soundcard or needs to give ASIO4ALL a try.


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            Yeah, as I've read this, it just screams the usual soundcard/driver issue.
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