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EZ Drummer 2 freezing

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  • mkok
    Could be the usb cable as it sounds like connectivity is being lost.

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  • skunkos
    started a topic EZ Drummer 2 freezing

    EZ Drummer 2 freezing

    Hello guys. I try to get EZD2 working with my TD-11 module. Just connected via USB cable, launching EZD2 standalone.

    When I hit many shots after one another (fast BPM), then EZD2 window gets kind of semi-frozen and I see red text "audio engine inactive" or something like that. After this gets displayed, I get no sounds, no matter what pad I hit. It happens randomly, sometimes after 10 seconds of playing, sometimes after minute.

    I tried everything I thought of - changing buffer size, switching between ASIO4ALL and direct TD-11 driver, even using MME. No matter what output/engine/settings I use, it freezes everytime. Unplugggin-pluggin the cable or restarting TD-11 helps.

    Does anyone have any idea to solve the issue?