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my new SoftwareDrumming PC --> a rare thing: combining 2 worlds/eras

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  • my new SoftwareDrumming PC --> a rare thing: combining 2 worlds/eras

    There are definitely great working low budget options regarding very fast and capable audio interfaces (significantly faster than the most common ones): I'm of course talking about old used PCI cards which can provide very low latency! and you propably can pick up for nearly nothing because people can't use them any longer (since years already)...
    I've recently built an ingenious PC that combines two worlds of compatibility: very powerful ninth gen i9 CPU + old "M-Audio Delta 192 PCI card" (I own 3 of these devices and for me they were among the fastest options in the past (but sometimes had issues with weak CPUs)). So I looked for a modern mainbord featuring old PCI slots ... and BINGO!:

    There are still a few nowadays chipsets (mainboards) that provide the options of these contrary worlds/eras (modern meets extremly outdated - but you propably have to be quick to get the last chance of such an option because there won't be compatible chipsets in future. So grab one of the last rare mainboards!).

    The machine is so strong: I can play the GGD-INVASION pack (which is one of the most extreme ones on CPU) glitch-free with an audio stream out latency of below 2 milliseconds using this highly recommended machine! (even RME FW or USB cannot reach this smooth ASIO performance...and remember: you can get the card for below 40 USD)