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Superior 3 velocity-mapping / positional sensing / eDRUMin

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  • Superior 3 velocity-mapping / positional sensing / eDRUMin

    YOOOOOOOO! Let's cover 3 things in one post, because they're all connected.

    First off, eDRUMin is dope. I bought one to use only for my snare pad (DDT MS-140c) and positional sensing. For a while, was using an RT30HR with a DIY snare... Prism mesh head, etc. Worked great but I did miss that positional sensing a lot (had it briefly with a TD-12 a few years ago). I still use my DIY snare, though. It's really useful when I don't want positional sensing. Positional sensing can be annoying as hell! Case in point...

    Say you're doing a single-stroke roll, 16th notes, accenting the first count, on your snare drum, just to test the preset/vibe... and this is a good way to see how the head responds. I want that first count to be simply, a louder "Center" hit articulation for my snare drum, but NOT a rimshot sound as the eDRUMin will trigger, when you smack the head above a certain velocity. See, rimshots when you smack the snare, don't always work for various snare drum types... especially low-tuned ones).

    So, I finally understand the mapping aspect of Superior... let's review...

    Universally, Superior 3's MIDI notes are as follows, for the 3 most common snare head articulations:

    Center: Note 38 (D1) or "D2" in some circles.
    Edge or off-center (depending on the library): Note 33 (A0) or "A1" in some circles.
    Rimshot: Note 40 (E1) or "E2" in some circles.

    So, when you set up the 3 zones in Superior 3, they're (oddly backwards) but like this: Zone 1 (the very edge) is for Rimshots, Zone 2 (off-center), is for Edge / Off-Center sounds, and Zone 3 (the center) is for a majority of your snare hits, especially if you're a rock drummer.

    Now.. eDRUMin offers the Rimshot note (Note 40, E1) when you smack the head... depending on how you set your "box" (the green box, in the Rimshot Range).

    Normally, this sounds great for those ringy, tighter-head snares... that give you that beautiful WHACK.... but... what happens with a low-tuned Supraphonic, Black Beauty, or something else? When you smack it, you get a weird, quick/dry rimshot, as that's the sound those particular snares make when they're tuned low. It doesn't exactly sound like a loud hit.

    So, instead, you might want simply, the Center articulation to sound, when you reach the Rimshot Range threshold with eDRUMin...

    When you're in the MIDI / E-Drums Settings page... if you hit lightly on the snare pad, you'll see the 3 zones show up and you'll see that Note 38 was transmitted, assuming your snare is set to send positional sensing info on CC#16.

    If you SMACK it (again, with eDRUMin), you'll see a different screen, and you'll see that Note 40 was transmitted... and now, you have complete control over what articulation you want to hear when you smack it.

    I recommend having two MIDI Maps saved: your main one (with your higher-tuned snares, for the funky stuff)... with Note 40 being routed to the Rimshot articulation. And then, another MIDI Map saved, for your lower-tuned snare stuff.. with Note 40 being routed to the Center articulation. This is really helpful, because the software I guess doesn't understand that you don't always want the Rimshot articulation when you smack it. You might just want a louder Center hit!

    Hope this helps some people... I've spent a few hours tweaking a lot of stuff! haha.
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    You should deactivate rimshots note output on max vel strokes. This would be normal. The setting with the border is a special feature.

    And simlpy use the "Snare Trig" articulation for PS and control it with the sliders. If you want to completly eliminate the EDGE articulation* and have OFF-CENTER instead you should remap/edit CC within a capable DAW. This way you also will be able to easily deactivate PS without remapping the midi note.

    *You won't be able to eliminate that with SD3 settings (what I find quite ridiculous, Mr Toontrack)
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      Had no idea about any of this.. I'm still finding my way around everything even though I've used Superior 2.0 since 2008. haha.
      Toontrack Superior Drummer 3.0 / Reaper 5+6
      DIY hybrid kit (Sonor kit / Roland / Yamaha, DDT MS-140c snare, etc)
      Roland TD-9 / eDRUMin


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        I eliminated the rimshot by adjusting the velocity curve to not quite reach that velocity. I think it was around 120.
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          Yeah, that's helpful for sure.... I think the rimshot kicks in at 126 or 127. It's really nice to have, usually... but it doesn't always work for a lot of the snare sounds.

          Do you drag the top section down (the horizontal line) or do you drag the peak on the right side down? I usually go for the horizontal line.
          Toontrack Superior Drummer 3.0 / Reaper 5+6
          DIY hybrid kit (Sonor kit / Roland / Yamaha, DDT MS-140c snare, etc)
          Roland TD-9 / eDRUMin