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Mallet Drum Kit Samples for Roland TD-27?

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  • Mallet Drum Kit Samples for Roland TD-27?

    Hi - I'm a new to V-drums and recently picked up a TD-27 module and am loving it. However, I'm looking around for easy to load samples of drum kit and cymbals played with mallets I've read that the TD-30 unit has a mallet kit, but Roland said the only way to get a mallet sound is either load third party samples or by manipulating the transience and EQ on existing TD-27 samples. I've tried the latter, but it's not sounding very good. So I'm looking to see if anyone has any suggestions for good sources for mallet kit samples?

    I've found a few sources, like

    - Toontrack Roots: Brushes, Rods, and Mallets
    - Analogue Drums: Royale (though it looks unavailable for purchase right now)

    But honestly I'm hesitant to get overly involved in learning a complicated software package -- I'm just looking for good mallet kit samples to load and play around with on the TD-27. Any advice? Maybe I'm overestimating how complicated these softwares are or the TD-27's ability to manipulate a sample once it's loaded? Any and all wisdom is welcome, thanks!

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    If you really are content with "oneshots" you can find free stuff at "freesound.org". As oneshots are dumb I would at least "humanize" them a bit with such engines as SuperDrumFX (freeware). A cymbal freeware is "Cymbalistic".

    The more authentical way would be dedicated drum samplers' engines featuring round robin multisamples or similar engines (like the "BFD" engine): as drumkit mallet sounds are not very common I doubt to easily pick up detailed low-priced or freeware packs. There are some mallet options in several BFD packs.


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      Thanks Nick74, super helpful to hear your advice. I poked around freesound and one-shots aren't the way I'd like to go. Once they're in the TD-27 looks like I can't manipulate the sample much beyond editing the length, looping, and adding MFX. A drum sampler engine as you suggest sounds smart, though they are pricey. To get Analogue's Royale samples (whatever it costs), I'd need to first install Kontakt ($400). And to get the Toontrack's Roots: Mallets expansion ($180) I'd need to install Superior Drummer 3 ($420). Ugh, seems like overkill to just be able to get a mallet kit sound from a TD-27 module. At least BFD looks more affordable ($175). It has a mallet kit but, man, still not sure it's worth the time and effort to make it work. I'm just a live player, not trying to create a production studio.

      Unless anyone has any other ideas, maybe I'll just have to be happy with a not-so-good mallet sound I can create on the TD-27 using it's existing samples. A bit of a drag given that the TD-30 looks like it has a mallet kit so Roland must have it somewhere in the vault.


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        I love the chromaphone VST. I use it a lot. Not exactly what you might want but its a lot of fun.