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Drum module to pilot VST at best price possible!

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  • Drum module to pilot VST at best price possible!

    Hi guys!

    I'm looking for a drum module to be used only as midi controller in order to use edrum with SD3. Please give me your advise taking in consideration the price point...
    Best price possible!

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    Edrumin all the way. Probably 2 or more depending on your input needs.
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      No brainer... eDRUMin. Well I say that without asking what you are using for a trigger. So let’s get that answered.
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        Third for edrumin. I run this with a td12 and will soon sell the td12 and go all edrumin.


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          I would go with a used Yamaha DTX502 (cheap) and supplement it with a eDRUMin unit or two.. That will be cheaper per port and lessen the likely hood of cross talk from a handful of eDRUMin units. I am of a fan of the Yamaha PCY cymbals for their price/performance which you can use on the DTX without having to tie up the eDrumin ports.
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            Best price? The 10.50 / $15 DTX Pro I bought off eBay couple of months ago, 12 inputs, mostly dual zone, MIDI IN and OUT, MIDI note stacking and switching, etc etc You won't beat that, Ha!
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              Ok Guys so edrumin is the winner... but at the moment shipment in italy is only with fedex for 70$!! so I'll wait....