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CY-5 and EZDrummer 2

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  • CY-5 and EZDrummer 2

    I recently bought EZDrummer 2 during their black friday deal. As much as I have enjoyed the sounds as compared to my 11KV, the hihat control has been frustrating.
    I have a CY-5 (I would love to upgrade it when I have more $$) and I can barely hear it in EZ. I can crank up the hihat in the software but that only boost all hihat triggers.

    I realize that Superior Drummer gives more control but Im curious if anyone else uses a CY-5 with EZ and their experience. I have to hit the cymbal near the stem just to get a decent trigger response.

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    EZD2 hihats play just as well as their SD3 counter parts in my experience but all of them are typically mixed quieter than you would normally have on a module, as they are mastering levels for music not live.

    VST hats also have a much larger dynamic volume between soft and loud notes which the Roland modules don't do. So I would first apply a LOG2 or LOUD2 trigger curve to the bow and edge of your CY-5. See if that improves things.
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