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TD-12 hi-hat midi settings

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  • TD-12 hi-hat midi settings

    I’m looking at the hi-hat settings in my TD-12 with a view to triggering the hat in SD3. I can’t actually do it yet because my new computer is giving me problems and has to go back to the maker. However I had mucho problem with hats when I had BFD2 a few years ago, so I want to avoid hassle if I can.

    I realise that SD3 has a built-in map for TD-12 and I will use it. But how do my TD-12 hi-hat settings in the brain affect the triggering in SD3?

    Hat is VH11 FD; works pretty much as well as Geoff Fry’s does in his VH-11 hi-hat settings video.

    Foot splash +10; splash sound works fine in the brain sounds.

    CC max 90 (it can also be 127 but I haven’t changed it).

    Pedal bend CC max 90.

    Hi-hat note # border is 127, but manual recommends around 80 (not changed).

    Your comments most welcome.

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    you will have to set the cc value to 127 for it to work right. I missed that it was the cc value on the toontrack forum. I don’t use the vh11 but if you do a search on the toontrack forum you will find stuff on the vh11 as a lot of people had problems
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      Ah hi MKOK, thanks again.