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Neil Peart sound samples (or similar sounds)

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  • Neil Peart sound samples (or similar sounds)

    Hey everyone. I have a TD-50KV with some extras coming soon (extra cymbal and pad, bar triggers, and a foot trigger), and I'm pretty excited. I saw that this website offers a pack modeled after Neil Peart's sounds, but I was told by the creator that it's not compatible with the TD-50. I'm not so much interested in his acoustic kit sounds as I am in the electronic bits he uses, especially on their mid-to-late 80's records. The pre-chorus and chorus of "Time Stand Still" is a great example. I see people on YouTube with hybrid kits covering these songs, and I wonder "where the hell do they even find those sounds?"

    So... here I am, asking where I could possibly find sounds like that. And a bonus question: are SD cards the only way of loading sounds on to the TD-50, or could I do the same with a USB cable from my laptop?

    Thanks in advance.


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    You can try this if you’re running BFD or Kontakt...

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