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TD-50 User Samples For Multiple Intensities And Positions

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  • TD-50 User Samples For Multiple Intensities And Positions

    I'm using a TD-50 and loaded a bunch of downloaded samples on an SD card.
    I played around with importing and choosing the user samples, today, and noticed an issue.

    I have cymbal sounds where each file is in ascending intensity and drum sounds where each file is a random hit.
    Is there any way of having an instrument either choose random sounds (like tom hits) or different intensities based on the strength of the strike?

    Also, I have hi-hat sounds for closed, open, and foot splashes.
    Is there a way for the controller to choose different sounds, based on the foot position?

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    Unfortunately none of these options are possible with the TD-50. The user samples are just one-shots with no "round robin" feature to allow it to pick from a pool of samples. You can either layer one single sample per zone on top of an internal sample, or two imported samples together, and make use of the various fade or mix features to blend or swap between the sounds.

    ​​​​​​And no, it's not much use with the hi-hats unless you're layering something like a tambourine or some other single sound, as you cannot affect the user samples with the hi-hat pedal either. So if your hi-hat sample is open, it will be open whether the pedal is open or closed. It's a shame they didn't allow for more customisation with the sample imports, as the features you want would be very useful.
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      Make the best of it. Great one shot samples layered with an internal instrument can get some great results. If you aren't satisfied with the internal sounds try VEX Infinity from V expressions and that should get you there. Then combine and mix your user one shots in creative ways. As mentioned there are different ways one shots will interact with an internal multisampled instrument. Use your MFX section. Also remember a great one shot sample is hard to come by. "Hey Nineteen" by Steely Dan is the same snare hit every single time. A prime smack on any instrument is the goal of any good drummer/producer and producers will pay good money and make a hit song with the right one. Leave the velocity samples for your internal sounds, manipulate the hell out of and layer the high hat sounds. Add the tambourine to the foot splash etc. VEX does an amazing job making the high hats lighter and crisper and cymbals more explosive and realistic. Also great Tom sets and thick snares even one layer snares that smoke the internal sounds that came with the module imo. It's a sweet machine and I don't think it's fair to expect it to make multi layered velocity sensitive instruments and create new High Hats. Other modules do this with arguably dubious results. Enjoy what's there and there's a hell of a lot.


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        FWIW, I've already talked with the OP and told him all this in email. I'll paste our "why we don't do samples... yet" response here for those that happen across this topic...

        Regarding the 50, simply put, we were very disappointed that the sample side of the module is not capable of treating imported samples like the module does for the internal on-board sounds. In other words, you lose variable impact adjustments based on dynamics and position, and the transitioning from one note to the next with the internal engine - like you have with the internal drum sounds. This is a huge part of achieving realistic results with samples, which is very important to us at VEX. Basically, Roland pasted the SPD to the side of the 50. So, you get polyphonic one-shot results where you hear the same impact on every note; just with dynamic difference only. Anyone attempting to use their own imported samples can understand what I'm talking about. In the end, this was a no-go for us. It's still great for things that work well as one-shot (backing tracks, sound effects, etc.), and we may still consider adding cymbals and basses at some point in the future, as they can work fairly well this way.
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