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[SSD5] HiHat triggering issue with aD5 + aD-H14

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  • [SSD5] HiHat triggering issue with aD5 + aD-H14

    I just bought SSD5, the sound and playability are really great, but I have an annoying issue : the hi-hat randomly miss trigger when in closed position, and the hi-hat only. Every other pad respond consistently well. When open, even just a little bit, the hi-hat triggers correctly.

    I have absolutly no issue with other VST (BFD3), or when playing directly on the module. If I increase the buffer size in the driver of my audio interface, the problem disappear, but the latency is way too important to play. And everything else run just fine with a low value of the buffer size the rest of the time.

    My setup :
    - Reaper (last version), I tried every midi setting possible, no improvement
    - ATV aD5 (last firmware)
    - ATV aD-H14
    - Roland Octa capture (last driver)
    - Asus ROG G502VS (Windows 10 up to date)

    I suspect a bug in SSD5, but before to open a support request to Steven Slate, I would like to have your opinion. What else can I try ?

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    Thatís interesting. I downloaded SSD5 Free a while back and definitely struggled to strike a balance between playable latency and minimal glitches. As I think about it now, I definitely had issues with the hats cutting out, though I never pinned down the problem as precisely as you have. And like you, I had no issues with other VSTs, namely SD3 and AD2, though I was using the TD17 module, not the AD5.

    Hope you are able to find a quick resolution.
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      I have the free version also and donít suffer from the problems mentioned.
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