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New Slate SSD5 mixing video

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  • New Slate SSD5 mixing video

    This video just came out of Steven Slate doing simple stereo processing on SSD5 . Some of these techniques could be applied to the Mimic as well.

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    This is pretty standard studio stuff. Just keep in mind the software differences (plugin quality, if you will) between the PC and Mimic are considerable; so one shouldn’t expect anywhere near the same result... or attempt to match the values, as they won’t align. Things like EQ adjustments are historically standard. When you get to compression and some other settings (mic mixing), one will have to do what works best for that platform. Obviously, the PC side of things are developed to emulate specific models (talking about the plugins), but the Mimic side is fairly generic in this respect. It would be nice to see Slate level emulation in a future Mimic module, but that would require an entirely different system foundation. (I use the everything bundle myself) The secret to all this is just learning what everything does, studying industry standards, and practicing to see what you personally desire when it comes to your own production.
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      Hi Alan, do you mean that the PC version of SSD5 is better than the one in the Mimic Pro in term of audio quality ?


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        Alan is talking about FX plugins (EQ, Compression all that stuff)
        SSD5 does not have any FX plugins.


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          I believe Alan is talking about the sort of plugins (which are often sold as separate VSTs in their own right) that are designed to model certain amplifiers and compressors in a way that faithfully represents the behaviour of some real life analogue hardware.

          This modelling is more CPU intensive than an average compressor, and although I recon the Mimic could probably afford to run something more complex on say; the master stereo bus only, you've got to factor in the total amount of CPU cycles left when fully stressed at 100%. I'm sure nobody would appreciate the drum module you could overload and crash. i.e. Roland doesn't have a warning about turning too many things on at once, nor should the Mimic Pro.

          Another argument might be that these complex compressors and reverbs might not even be something you'd even perceive while playing, and are better left for critical listening in a studio, or face an extra price hike for the extra hardware to run it all.

          Saying that, I would like the Mimic to sound as close as possible to the presets that are available in VST version of SSD5 - as some of those do sound authentically genuine with the extra processing.
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