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SDSE 2.8 Released

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  • SDSE 2.8 Released

    Hey guys. Not sure if anyone uses SDSE for VSTi sample pulls, but they just dropped a new release with a fair amount of improvement and support for additional libraries. Personally, I worked with their lead developer on some things to get the GetGood Drums libraries exporting in a cleaner fashion. For me, this was a big deal because I happen to really like Meinl cymbals and they’re one of the only companies to offer those samples...

    Anyway, just thought I’d drop a quick word for anyone who may be interested. A big shout out to Denis over at Lustark for grinding out the updated release.

    Info and download:
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    Great App, great version and great developer - Denis at Lustark!

    SDSE=a must for 2boxers! I have converted all ADPaks from Addictive Drums...and the whole sample library + plus 2box factory samples + all versions my own 1920s black beauty snare sample = 56 GB data! :-)

    Best regards

    Anders /
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      Yup, Lustar (Denis) is great. I started Beta testing SDSE for him from the first version he put out ...... back in late 2012.
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        I agree, he is fantastic!! I have worked with him on GGD releases too, the latest one being The Invasion!!

        Without his software I would have probrably gotten a Pearl Mimic Pro. Always quick to respond and open to suggestions for changes. I have just about all ADpaks, SSD5 and all expansions, all GGD drums exported, it's an obsession. Gotta collect them all
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