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Recommendations for I/O module (for OUTPUT)

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  • Recommendations for I/O module (for OUTPUT)

    Looking for a solid output from my PC to my monitor... Should I just go with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2? 6i6 for more flexibility in live circumstances? How about the Clarett 2Pre - overkill for just an output? What’s the vote? Any particular concerns with any brands that should be stayed away from?

    i realize this is subject to a lot of personal opinion, but I will preface by stating that my number one use case is output to monitors / PAs. Input from the module to the PC will go over USB so trigger latency shouldn’t be an issue. Thanks in advance for any solid advice...
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    Depends on your budget, really.
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      Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post
      Depends on your budget, really.
      Money isn't a problem, but I don't like wasting it... Want to do it right the first time and was curious about user experiences here. Thanks again for any input.
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        Minimum price for a USB audio interface that we commonly recommended is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 - it has MIDI ports and is powered over USB, good latency performance.

        I can recommend the Roland Octa-Capture if you want 4ms RTL and more inputs (UA-1010 is made in Japan) Just avoid the China made Quad-Capture or lower - they are not the same, likewise, not much is known about the Rubix series. But the Super UA looks tasty and you'll always get an easy UI with Roland.

        If money is no object, any RME audio interface will get you around 3ms RTL. In particular, the RME Babyface / Pro is a very cute desktop interface and TotalMix FX gives you more features than most.

        RME, MOTO, Presonus, Zoom, Focusrite all make really high end rack mounted equipment so it's a good clue that any smaller form / portable versions of their electronics should be great, concerning live circumstances. But some like Apogee just specialise in high end portable interfaces too.

        If the extra features or inputs don't really matter as much to you, when all you need is low latency ASIO driver performance, money can be saved.

        Brands to avoid? I'm not too keen on writing off entire companies because sometimes they do make the odd gem, however.... Behringer, M-Audio, Alesis and Mackie aren't names I would associate with good audio interfaces.
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