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Which sample library works best with TD-17?

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  • Which sample library works best with TD-17?

    Which sample library works best with the TD-17?
    I've been trying Logic's drummer and it doesn't seem to have an 'edge' hi-hat, distinct from a centre (Bow) of hi-hat.
    So I was wondering if there's a library that can accurately translate all those nuances, like with the ride too - Bell, Bow, Edge.
    And with the snare - Centre, Rimshot, X-Stick..
    TB-8K V-Drums - CY-15R Ride - CY-12R/C Crashes X2
    CY-8 (hihat) - Apple Mac G5 dual 1.3 - 10.4.11/10.5.7 - Logic 7.2.3 - Logic 8

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    SD3 is the closest you are going to get for all the articulations although the td17 doesn’t do positional sensing so you would miss out on that in SD3
    Roland TD30 module on TD20 kit SD3 with various kits. Pearl Masters Kit, Yamaha 9000RC original natural wood finish. Cymbals from Zildgian Pasite and Sabian. Loads of percussion bits. Cubase and Wavelab always current versions.


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      Bumping an old thread for anyone interested.

      For Logic Pro X users, the producer kits are pretty customizable although I'm not sure about the edge hi-hat sound the OP was asking about. For even more customization I use Logic Drum Machine Designer (not the drum kit designer). It's basically the same set of sounds from Drummer, but with a more user friendly UI. You can drag and drop audio files into it to assign any sound you want to your pads, either from Logic's library or your own. It took me some time to get it set up, but now I've got a bunch of custom kits I can fire up at any time. I also use it as a software sampler for non percussion sounds and trigger it with a midi controller.