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TD17 rimshot on Addictive Drum 2

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  • TD17 rimshot on Addictive Drum 2

    Does anyone being able to map the rimshot in AD2? Seems that there are just the head and rim signal? Or is there a setting in AD2 that if head and rim got hit together, it will trigger as rimshot? Thanks in advance.

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    I am not sure what are you trying to achieve, especially what is the difference between rim and rimshot in your opinion.
    If you hit mesh, MIDI note (38) will be sent.
    If you hit rim, MIDI note (40) will be sent. I guess this is is called rimshot.
    There is also a cross-stick shot, this sends MIDI note (37). This is when you let the rim to support one side of the stick
    hold the stick from above with your palm and hit the rim on the other side of the snare with it.

    Roland also mentions something called "open rimshot" which I am not quite sure what they mean by that,
    it seems like they mean hitting rim and mesh at the same time, but I had no luck producing any special sound
    with this kind of shot even with the internal td-17 sounds.

    Now, to enable cross-stick on TD-17, you need to push the X-stick button (leftmost button below the display).
    Until today I believed that this was the only way to achieve a cross-stick sound.
    However, today I have found in the TD-17 document called Data List, located here:

    that there is a setting for the cross-stick in the Advanced settings menu, in the Rim tab,
    called "XStick Adj", described like this:

    "For a pad that is connected to a TRIGGER IN jack, this specifies the force at which to switch between the cross stick sound and open rim shot sound. Setting this to a higher value makes it easier to get cross stick sounds. When set to 0, playing a cross stick produces the open rim shot sound. For a digitally connected pad that allows cross stick technique, playing a cross stick with a strike that is stronger than the value of this setting produces the open rim shot sound. * For a pad that is connected to a TRIGGER IN jack, be aware that if this value is raised excessively, the cross stick sound will also be heard when you play an open rim shot."

    So, for me this implies that cross-stick should be detected automatically.

    I have to investigate this when I get home, but in my case it seems that I only get cross-stick sound when X-Stick is activated,
    and only get rimshot sound when X-stick is deactivated, no matter how hard I hit the cross-stick, which I found very disappointing
    in comparison with the (higher level) TD-12 module I had a chance to use before.

    I have tried and it really works, you can set a hit level at which the cross stick sound changes into a rimshot sound, so you can have both sounds, you do not have to disable cross stick to get rimshot sound. That is good.

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      Thank you. What I'm saying is does AD2 detect rimshot and cross-stick signal. I know I have to enable x-stick manually in the TD17 module, and I always have that option enabled in the kit I used to play. I am new to AD2, and thought that what display in the module will be bypassed since the kit name in the module is no longer relevant as the sound is from the AD2. Unfortunately, I accidentally switched to one kit that doesn't have x-cross enabled, and that's the reason why I'm not getting the midi note 37 at the beginning. Now I'm able to get 3 different midi signal (37, 38 & 40) from the snare. Cheers!


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        OK, so everything works fine now for you I guess.

        As far as AD2 being able to detect a rimshot (simultaneous hit on the mesh and on the rim), I have found no evidence of this.
        However, on page 45 the AD2 manual shows various snare hit types samples, including two different rimshots.
        But this is most probably just to say that there are samples for these hits available,
        you probably still have to trigger them by sending a corresponding MIDI note number from your eDrum kit.
        There is a slight chance that positional sensing could detect this automatically, but it is not documented anywhere,
        and with TD-17 I can not try, as it does not support positional sensing.
        Actually, TD-25K set would be a better option for triggering external drum modules like AD2 then TD-17KVX I purchased.
        But TD-17 was cheaper and included bigger snare and extra crash, and maybe even better internal sounds, so I went that way.

        What I found to be a problem with AD2 is that the crash and hihat samples do not include samples for tip (bow) strikes.
        Hihat does include a tip sample, but only for closed and semi-closed hihat,
        but there are only shaft (edge) samples for all the open hihat positions A, B, C and D.
        Crash does not have a tip sample at all.
        I do not like this at all.
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