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VH11 and EZ Drummer 2 no clean triggering of open closed hats

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  • VH11 and EZ Drummer 2 no clean triggering of open closed hats

    I currently have an acoustic kit converted to electronic via (2) roland modules (TD15 plugged into a TD9 via midi) and then midi connected to my Focusrite 2i4 interface which is USB connected to my laptop. I am running EZ Drummer 2 as a VSTi into Reaper and have had fairly good success recording to drumless tracks this way.

    My issue is the VH11 hi-hat is not articulating or repsonding as cleanly open and closed bow and edge as I would like for it to. The modules have both been reset to default but still not much luck. Can anyone offer helpful suggestions as to how I can clean up my VH11 triggering?

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    Did you try adjusting the Hi-Hat Pedal Correction in EZ Drummer? There are like 4 different curve settings there.
    Does it work well with the module sounds? If not it might take some setting adjustments there as well.


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      Hope you donít mind me piggybacking on your thread; maybe someone will offer a solution that helps us both. I am having a similar issue with EZD2 and my TD17. Canít seem to get fully closed hi-hat, even after adjusting the Pedal Correction settings, and like the OP, Iím experiencing rough transitions between open and closed. Iíd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions from folks.
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        Do you guys have "Offset settings" on yours drum module?
        In TD-20 you can reset to default settings or holding "KIT"+"TRIGGER" ó auto sat Hi-Hat Offset. Or even manual find the right setup.


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          Thanks for the response. The TD17 does have a hi-hat calibration menu, and calibration does involve using the offset. I was able to improve the EZD triggering accuracy to some extent after much fussing with offset, but I am still left with the problems above. Will keep experimenting.
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            At least some Roland HH controllers send 0-90 for the open/closed range, instead of the normal 0-128 range. I'm pretty sure this is true of the VH11. Not sure about the VH10.

            If EZ Drummer is expecting 0-128 (where 128 is fully closed), you would not be able to get a fully closed sound. Most VSTs allow you to change how the midi values map to open/closed, though, so if this is what is causing your problem, you should be able to fix it.


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              Yeah, I've definitely wondered about CC range. I think you're right about the VH11, which is what I play. I'm not sure what the TD17 sends; I perused the MIDI Implementation PDF, and I think it says 0-127, but I'm not totally certain I'm interpreting it correctly. I'm also not sure how that interfaces with the hi-hat. I know some modules have adjustable CC range, but what happens when you choose 0-127 for a HH that only sends 0-90? Is this where the extra-tight sounds in more advanced modules come into play? And can a hat that only sends up to 90 produce those sounds?

              Anyway, I'm getting off track here. You're right that most VSTs allow some adjustment in the CC mapping, but it's a simple more/less closed system with EZD2. Much more flexibility with AD2, and also mapping presets that get me much closer, so I've been sticking with it, but I'm not sure it's the solution in the long run. Reckon I might need to turn to SD3.

              Thanks for your response.
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                I played a td15 with sd3 and I could never get the smooth transition with my vh11. I was able to get it pretty close but only using the one hi hat in music city for some reason. I eventually took Bakerboys advice and tried a non moving hh. I switched to my cy5/fd7 combo and got excellent results. If you can try this combo I say give it a shot.
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                  My understanding is that some of the fancier Roland hi hats (not sure which) support sensing extra pressure past fully closed, and this is what they reserve the 90-127 range for.

                  At the end of the day, it is just a number range - you need to find out what range your module is sending, and what range your VST is expecting and make sure that they are aligned.

                  In Addictive Drums 2, when you select a Roland preset, it skews the CC values, which I'm assuming is to account for the reduced CC range. In the midi map window, you can see the value your hi hat is sending and how it is mapping to the range of sounds.


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                    From this I now understand the issue I had with not getting a closed sound with the VH-11 and EZ2.

                    On my TD-30 I actually have set the triggertype to a VH-13 even though using a VH-11, as this offers transmuting (is this how you call it?), where when closed more footpressure results in higher pitch.

                    Could this mean that the module will deliver a 0-127 CC-range when set to VH-13?
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