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  • Superior Drummer or something else

    Like the title says, am considering getting s vst that I can use for online jamming and recording using my Roland TD20X module with midi out as my triggering point. Do I get s midi to usb cable and go direct to my laptop or midi out of the Td20x and midi in to my Focusrite 18i20 add usb out of that into yjr laptop? Looking for something that does not require a lot of adjusting as I will be doing online collaboration and when recording, keeping it simple. Thanks. Looking at SD2 I guess? Or SSD or EZdrummer. It looks overwhelming at times. Lol.

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    use your Focusrite for midi in, to computer USB. Many cheaper midi to USB cables are... cheap and have triggering problems.

    As as for which VSTs, a lot of them have demos, so download a few, play with them, and continue with the one that feels comfortable to use, and has sounds you like.
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      Well SSD5 works out of the box well and the sounds don't need tweaking. SD3 has a wealth of sounds and is extremely realistic but like a real kit will need tweaking for a finished product. It does have presets but none suited myself although some were a good starting point. For me it's SD3 all the way but it may not be the one for you. I think there is a Demo for EZdrummer which is also by Toontrack. There are quite a few others out there as well that I haven't tried that people really like. Have a listen online to them although I find this doesn't always give you a true picture on how they play.
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