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Seeking advice on td-17 + addictive drums2, do I need usb interface for mac?

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  • Seeking advice on td-17 + addictive drums2, do I need usb interface for mac?


    vdrums noobie here with a td-17kvx. I have a macbook pro so plugged it into the td-17 and powered up addictive drums2. I prefer their sounds to the module sounds but want to ensure I get the most out of it. It seems to work ok, but I notice a slight hiss after striking a head (strike head-->sound emanates-->slight hiss follows-->hiss cuts out to silence). It could be some bad settings on my part or maybe the sound going from macbook pro to module is of lesser quality. So, I see people mention a usb audio interface. The scarlett 2i2 seems to be in my budget but I want to make sure I even need it when I have a macbook pro? If the 2i2 goes a long way to clean up the sound I'll go for it but want to be sure.

    If, I go for the 2i2 the next question would be what the config setup will look like, I would go misi out from the module, into the 2i2, then 2i2 usb to macbook?


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    That sounds like the samples have noise on them if it follows the sample and then cuts out. Grab the demo version of either Toontrack EZdrummer or SSD5 and see if you get the same.
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