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DD506 + BFD2 latency problem

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  • DD506 + BFD2 latency problem

    Hello to everyone. I have delay problem with using Medeli DD506 module with BFD 2 software, the delay/latency is too big and i can't find the reason for it. My DD506 module is connected to my laptop via USB cable. Laptop is DELL i7, with 16gb RAM and SSD. I am using ASIO drivers and BFD2 software with Reaper. I don't see any problems with memory usage or something, everything looks fine, any one have some ideas? I think that this DD506 module is just too old for using with BFD2, maybe MIDI interface would help? Sorry for my bad english and thank you for your response.

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    You could try using asio4all or a dedicated interface with a better driver, but maybe the module itself has a big trigger to midi latency... In that case, try upgrading the module.
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