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Advise/info - HiHat controller for SD3

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  • Advise/info - HiHat controller for SD3

    I'm a mere guitar player who likes SD3.

    Am looking at putting an E-kit together, and my main concern is the HiHat control.

    Any Hat controller options out there which do not require the sale of my one remaining kidney?

    Bob Spencer.

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    Depends on the module / trigger to MIDI unit....
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      Just the controller? Roland FD-9, Roland FD-8. Use with any cymbal pad. So maybe the most appropriate choice for you would be a CY-5, to create a stationary reliable hi-hat.

      The lowest cost moving hihats are the Roland VH-10, or you could get a Goedrum Hi-Hat Controller and a cymbal of your choice. But don't go too cheap on the acoustic hi-hat stand, as performance of moving Hi-Hats is known to be affected by that.
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        How's $10?

        If you already have access to a pedal with your kit, just get a FSR pressure sensor, and put a couple of foam pads between the FSR and the pedal.

        The wiring will depend on your module.

        Search the forum for FSR hihat controller.
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