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BFD3 positional sensing on or off,with no blend.

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  • BFD3 positional sensing on or off,with no blend.

    Hi there : )

    This is regarding BFD software's positional sensing?

    I can only make the software trigger hit(centre) or half (edge) there is no blend or cross-fade function that I can see.

    As i perform a roll from centre to edge half way across the mesh skin it will instantly switch to the edge sound. There is no blending from one to the other.

    My Roland pd-80R sends the correct CC16 data very well from 1-127 to the software, I can see it arrive. ( I even tested this with a keyboard so i could be more accurate)

    in the key map. i can see cc16 select either "Hit" or "Half" for the snare trigger. So it sort of works. However. it is either one sound or the other ( with velocity). no blending from centre to edge as one rolls across the snare. so it sounds very unnatural.

    Hope that makes sense and someone can help.

    peace : )

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    it seems superior drummer does the same. no cross-fading or blending. just edge or centre.

    i would expect if a drummer:

    hits centre of mesh = 100% centre sample and 0% edge sample

    hit 25 % away from centre = 75% centre and 25% edge (blend of samples)

    hit 50 % between centre and edge = 50% centre 50% edge (blend of samples )

    hit 75% away from centre = 25 % centre & 75 % edge. (blend of samples)

    hit as close to the edge as possible get 100% edge 0% centre sample.

    : /


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      Correct there is no blend but on SD3 you can have three zones so a bit better. Not perfect but it does work well and in practice is better than no ps at all.
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        I remember being peeved about this too when I was first starting out.

        But it was quickly dismissed when you realise just how much better VSTs sound compared to Roland's COSM system which does allow that kind of smooth synthesis.

        Why haven't VSTs been able to dynamically blend centre and edge samples? Probably because it doesn't sound as natural as one would hope.

        I've done simple experiments myself, the results aren't that great.

        The fact that SD3 went for the center, middle, edge 'strategy' solidifies the reasoning to me that, all things considered, the best way forward isn't blending samples but introducing more samples in the pool. The least to comprise, albeit a hit on memory use.
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          I found Addictive drummer does smoothly blend from centre sample to edge sample, it feels so much better to be able to use the variation across the mesh. I presume with 127 blends each with 127 velocities?

          i had to select the correct profile for my Roland module and also assign the CC to the correct parameter. then a few tweaks with range and it works great. It is a shame the samples are not like BFD. but there is no reason not to mix the two programs together to access whatever one prefers for each drum trigger.

          Why BFD does not have this as an option when it is so easy to do in the software, who knows? maybe it does, but i cant figure it out?