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SD3 Stacking Issue

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  • SD3 Stacking Issue

    I've created a stack of two kick drums but the stack isn't triggered by my MIDI drum track in Reaper. When I mouse click the main kick drum the two kicks in the stack trigger, and in the Route Microphones section of the mixer channel for X Kick they both trigger also from a mouse click, just not when the track is playing. What have I overlooked?

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    Did you stack it to open or hit articulation.? You can see it from articulation drop down menu in drums tab. Check that you have assigned the same articulation (open or hit) to your midi note.


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      Thanks for that, I appreciate you responding. I set the articulation as Open, but your post prompted me to change my note mapping in Reaper's MIDI editor from TD30 to SD3, and yes, it was assigned to Open there. I then messed around a bit with the options boxes right above the stacked kicks. I managed to get the stack working, and I think the key was that I had to disable the Hit articulation. I've saved that preset, should be right now.

      Thanks again for the help.