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  • Td25 and vst

    Hey everyone. I have a td25 module. I have just a few questions about it. Is it capable of running ez drummer, superior drummer etc. Without the use of an additional interface? If so would latency be an issue? Final question is can you run superior drummer without having a laptop hooked up? For instance saving the kit setup to the module and not having to run a laptop when using the vst. Thanks in advance!

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    You run ez drummer, superior drummer, etc in a computer / laptop. TD-25 module can work as an external interface, so you do not need an additional one. The latency would not be a big issue if your computer / laptop is powerful enough. You cannot run superior drummer or any other DAW / drum software without a computer / laptop hooked up. In TD-25 module (and in any Roland module with the exception of TD-50), you cannot import any external kit sounds.
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      Thanks. Much appreciated!