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TD-25: MIDI-out or USB-out?

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  • TD-25: MIDI-out or USB-out?

    Hi, this is my first post in this forum. Just delete or move my post if this question is a duplicate or if I'm posting in the wrong directory.

    I've owned a TD-25KV for about a few weeks now and it's working great. I want to start experimenting with Addictive Drums 2, Steven Slate Drums 4, and the like so I can get better sounds.

    To get that set up, I'd obviously have to connect the TD-25 to my computer, but my question is what is the best way to do that? What method will result in the least latency and the best performance?

    1.) Connect via MIDI cable from the TD-25 midi-out to an audio interface midi-in (such as the Steinberg UR22-mkii), which is then connected to the laptop.. or
    2.) Connect via USB cable from the TD-25 usb-out then straight to the laptop.. or
    3.) Connect via a MIDI-to-USB cable (such as the M-Audio Uno) from the TD-25's midi-out then into the laptop's usb port..

    Are they all more or less going to achieve the same result? Is one better than the other? I know a lot of variables may come into play, but I would like to get some general advice if possible.

    If it helps, my laptop is a Dell with an i5 processor, 8GB of ram, and OS is Windows 10. I plan on using Sonar Artist / Professional for recordings, since I'm already familiar with previous versions.

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    2. Why make things more complicated?
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      Hi there

      I've had my TD25KV for around three weeks now and have just started down the same road - hooking up to PC/Laptop to try out EZ Drummer 2 etc.
      My experience so far has been very positive. I connected the TD25 via USB , using the Roland TD25 driver. Latency is almost negligible. My laptop is i3 4GB RAM / Windows 10. EZ Drummer is fantastic!

      Your laptop spec is better than mine so would imagine you'll have a smooth ride hooking up via USB ...




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        Do you guys use the td25 as sound card?
        in other words: where is the headphone connected to?


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          Originally posted by puttenvr View Post
          Do you guys use the td25 as sound card?
          in other words: where is the headphone connected to?
          Yes and module.
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            Originally posted by threedollarbill View Post
            Are they all more or less going to achieve the same result? Is one better than the other? I know a lot of variables may come into play, but I would like to get some general advice if possible.

            as far as I remember from checking out my TD-30 all 3 options work fine. I think the USB-connection is more practical. I.e. when you want to record MIDI from TD-30 you just tell your favorite DAW to do so (i.e. select that channel). If you want to listen to your final DAW-result, just stream it via USB-audio to your TD-25/30 and listen to its speakers or headphones attached. One USB-wire, many choices, back and forth into both directions ; -)

            This way you can have a pleasant audio experience in 24-bit Roland Quality even with a crappy or no sound card inside your computer ... as long as it can do USB ; -)

            Best, Michael
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              Thanks for the replies. Seems like USB is the way to go. I will give it a test this weekend.


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                I have the TD25 and I use the USB connection with EZD 2. No issues. Make sure you download and install the correct driver.


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                  I have a TD-25KV as well, with some upgrades. Initially I played AD2 with MIDI and I also used an external sound card, which was working great and both setups are explained here and here.

                  Then I realized that I am quite happy with the TD-25 sounds, and I do not need the AD2 anymore, nor the external sound card...

                  So I just plugged the USB of the TD-25 module in my computer, installed the Roland driver, configure in the TD-25 the USB driver as VENDOR, and that was it.

                  I have my headphones connected in the TD-25 module, I play along with MP3s and Youtube videos running on my computer, and sound is output-ed to the TD-25 output. I even configured a nice icon for the TD-25 IN and OUT:

                  3-22-2017 8-54-17 PM.jpg

                  3-22-2017 8-54-30 PM.jpg

                  Basically the TD-25 module works as an external audio interface. I find this setup so much more easier than using either MIDI or an additional external audio interface.

                  When I talk on Skype I use the USB Jaba headset that is directly connected to my laptop, when I play the drums I use my Superlux HD 681 phones connected to my TD-25. Works so nice.

                  The only downside of this setup is that if you want to record something on your computer (and I use Audacity for this), there is a delay in the recording. The good thing is that Audacity has very nice instructions on how to fix this here.

                  Hope this helps.

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                    Each triggers type have their own latency numbers + others computer related (not calculated in the sound cards numbers), important that is you feel is right without noticeable\ delay\ glitch\ static\ noise sound and stable performance, means forget about numbers.
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