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Want to buy this Sonic Reality Drum Masters 2 pack, but it requires 'Infinite Player'

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  • Want to buy this Sonic Reality Drum Masters 2 pack, but it requires 'Infinite Player'

    Hi All, I've been looking for this particular drum sound (a Phil Collins concert tom kit sound) and found various other packs which come close but this one 'seems' perfect with regard to the samples. Drum Masters 2: NDV Stereo Grtsch Kit

    However the big problem is that it requires 'Infinite Player' for Kontakt and according to their own website it is no longer available...

    I'm new to the VST thing having just returned to vdrums after a long break. It seems a lot of the Drum Masters packs on the Sonic Reality site MUST be used with Infinite Player - yet it's impossible to buy Infinite Player. Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance!

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    It is also available for BFD 3. This will be much better with Edrums. There are alot of other good libraries for BFD ad well
    Edit: I thought you meant the Hugh Padgam kit.
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      Hi Peter,

      The Hugh Padgam Big Fill kit was next on my list.

      From the online samples the Drum Masters set sounded better but as you say BFD3 is looking the better option due to the Kontakt/Infinite player problem.

      Have you experience of the Hugh Padgam kit?

      I've found 5 or 6 concert tom kits sample packs and the Drum masters and Hugh Padgam are the only ones that either sound correct or have the right number of tom samples for a Phil Collins kit (6 toms, bass drum and snare).

      This is a list I found elsewhere on the web:Thanks


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        Just bumping this post.

        I'm wondering if it is possible to convert the samples on this 'infinite player only' sample pack for use with BFD or SD3? Or could they converted to work with a 2box drumit module or Alesis Strike?

        Drum Masters 2: NDV Stereo Gretsch Kit

        Thanks for any help!
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          I don’t know but on SD3 there is a huge concert Tom kit. With the right effects it gives you that sound.
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            Thanks mkok. I have played around with the SD3 Ludwig Concert tom kit. It's definitely a good concert tom sound but doesn't quite 'do it' for me, however I guess if I dig into the editing/effects side of SD3 I could probably get it there or very close.

            If I could just get a copy of Infinite Player it would be problem solved easily but it seems impossible to buy it anywhere - even Sonic Reality state they can't help.

            I'll have to get the SD3 manual out and start reading and trying to engage my brain... Just getting a VST to work at all stretches my tech skills to their limit...