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TD15 and BFD

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  • TD15 and BFD

    TD15 triggers BFD and I hear BFD thru the head phone jack on my computer. How can I get BFD to sound from the head phone jack on the TD15? The reason I would like to get BFD to sound to the module as I have an amplifier connected to the TD15 and would like to hear BFD thru the amp when no one is home. Is this possible or do I need an audio interface to make that happen? If I need an audio interface do you have a recommendation (under $200.00) to make this happen?

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    td-15 has a mix in ? but i would use the audio out from your sound card as source instead of headphone out..
    sounds you don't use in the module you would have to dial to '0' .. or maybe already have..


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      Go to your computer's audio settings and select the td-15 as the audio source. That will send the DAW and BFD or your Roland module without a separate interface. Works great on my Mac.
      TD-25 and TD-11 triggering VSTs (SD 2.3, SSD4, EZDrummer2), DIY drums with Quartz and Pintech triggers, Handsonic HPD-20, JBL Eon 515XT


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        I will give that a try. Have you tried any of the VEX Epression sounds? I was thinking about buying one and checking out the they settings they use to get the sounds they create.
        Thanks for your help. If I have anymore questions or run into problems I will repost.


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          Right, TD-15 should register as an (output) audio device, connected via USB. Using ASIO4ALL driver would additionally decrease latency, in my experience.