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Dumb Question Warning: BFD 2 Works but SD 2 does not -

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  • Dumb Question Warning: BFD 2 Works but SD 2 does not -

    I recently switched from BFD2 to Superior Drummer 2 and had a weird issue. I will say BFD2 worked perfectly right out of the box but I can not get SD2 to do a damn thing.

    Drums: DIY
    Module: Yamaha DTX502
    Computer: iMac

    I have gone and changed the mapping to "E-Drums" but it didn't seem to help. Where would you guys even start?
    A to E Yamaha / Yamaha Cymbals / Mac Mini

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    Do you have your Audio interface selected in SD2 ?
    Roland TD-12 Ludwig A2E 5pc kit, VH-11
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      Probably need more information on your setup/software to help.

      What DAW (recording program) are you using to run SD2? Are you getting sound if you click on the drums to preview within SD2? Or no sound there also?

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